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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Drama Queen Card

Hi DeNami friends,

What do you make for the drama queens in your life? An adorable Drama Queen Card!
Today, Deb did a quick, easy, clean and simple (CAS) card for you to easily make.

With the Forever Friends Clear stamp set, you have many stamps to create a variety of cards with. Perfect for your drama queens and princesses in your life.

Here is what Deb writes:

It's Deb here and today I am sharing a one layer card that I created from the latest release. Even though CAS is my go to style, one layer is always a challenge.

The sentiment and images are from Forever Friends Clearstamp set. I inked up the main image and colored it in with my copics. Then I randomly stamped my sentiment in light pink and coral to fill in the background.

Have you created a one layer card recently? Give it a try!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cadbury Cream Eggs Recipes

Cadbury Cream Eggs Recipes

Hi DeNami friends,

In our Facebook group, I asked what their favorite Easter candy was, and many said, "Cadbury Eggs". I love those little balls of goodness and thought I would find recipes that would go along with that delight. If you haven't LIKED our Facebook page, you can check it out here.

Here are some I found. Yes, just looking at them will add 5 pounds to your hips and thighs, but these eggs only come once a year!

Cadbury Cream Eggs Flourless Chocolate Brownies Recipe

This is the Cadbury Egg Flourless Chocolate Brownies.
The recipe is here

Cadbury Cream Eggs Cupcakes Recipe

These are Cadbury Cream Egg Cupcakes.
The recipe is here

Cadbury Cream Eggs Donuts Recipe

These are Cadbury Egg Donuts.
The recipe is here

Cadbury Cream Eggs Stuffed Cookies Recipe

These are Cadbury Cream Eggs Stuffed Cookies.
The recipe is here

DIY Copycat Cadbury Cream Eggs Recipe

If you are a true DIY person,
you can make your own Cadbury Eggs with this copycat recipe.
The recipe is here

I hope you enjoyed the yummy treats. At least I spared you the calories by just posting pictures.
If you try any of these recipes, please let me know how they are.

By the way, beside stamping and crafting, I do love to cook and bake, hence this post.
Let me know if you liked this post.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Butterflies

Hi DeNami friends,

Happy spring!!! It is great to finally leave the cold winter and enter into the sunny days of spring. Spring is my favorite season of all. It the a new beginning of things. New flowers, new grass and fresh scents.

The wonderful thing about card making is you could be sending out cheer even while people are still facing winter right now. Today, Deb created a lovely and happy card using butterflies. I love her happy colors she chose. I don't use yellow as much as I like the color. I think I need to after seeing this lovely card.

She did a fantastic technique of repeating the scallops. It adds layers and really gives it a nice dimension. It is simple to do, but creates a great effect.

This is a card simple enough to send to all that need some cheer. 

Here is how Deb made this. She writes:

Hello DeNami friends! It’s Deb and today I have a card to share with you. Spring is upon us in many states, so I decided to create a bright and simple spring inspired card.

First I trimmed up some white cardstock using one of my Stitched 2 border dies from Pretty Pink Posh to create a few layers. Then, I inked up Polka Dot Butterfly using the rock-n-roll technique. First I inked it up in the lighter shade and then rolled it around on the edges in the darker ink. I chose white cardstock, but you can also use kraft or another lighter cardstock. I inked up Happy Easter for my sentiment, but you could also use other various themes like birthday, thinking of you or congratulations. I tied a bow at the top of the card to finish it off.
I think the white cardstock paired with the bright colors creates a cheerful card. I hope you have been inspired to create something bright and cheerful as well. Thanks for stopping by the DeNami blog.
Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cheap Light Box for Photoshoots or Blogging

DIY Dollar Store Light box for blogging, crafters, Ebayers, Amazon Sellers and Photographers

(Photo credit: Craft Junkies)

Hi DeNami friends,

Today I wanted to share a cool little project I came across. There are MANY times in Washington state that the weather does not cooperate for decent photo shots for cards or any projects.
I always end up with shadows, yellow pictures, dull photos or just unfocused ones due to poor lighting. Often I just want a quick little picture and not have to set up my whole studio lighting set up, which I also have.

I am also starting to get some spring cleaning fever. I guess it probably started from the fact that I was in bed for three whole weeks. You can read about my health ordeal here.
Once I got on my feet, I wanted to do stuff I hadn't been able to do, which included spring cleaning. Mainly, decluttering, purging and simplifying. This includes selling things on Ebay, Craigslist and other places. As any selling expert will say, your pictures make all the difference in how you product is perceived and portrayed. The product will always look better in good lighting.

This brings me to my blogpost today. I came across an article about how to make your own Light box or back drop for photoshoots. Even if you are not a photographer, this will come in handy for ANYONE. If you are a blogger for cardmaking, enter cards in contests or challenges, sell things online, are a crafter, take pictures of your creations, you name it, this will come in handy. Even if you don't feel it is a needed item for you, I bet you know someone who could use this idea.

All these items can be found at the dollar store, which makes it all the more doable. The other great thing is it can be folded away and is not a permanent fixture. This will be very handy for small spaces or if you occasionally have need for this.

(Photo credit: Craft Junkies)

All the step by step instructions can be found here.

Here is also a great tutorial on how to create great card pics. Great for your blog, posting online, contests, articles, magazine submissions, etc.
You can also find more great info here on how to create great pics of your products.

What kind of uses will you be wanting this for? Comment below.

By the way, you can always add more "windows" for more lighting, like above.

Enjoy your new studio!!

~ Nami

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hooray! A Monster Celebration

Hi DeNami Friends!

DT Deb W came up with a cheerful and uplifting post. These happy projects will bring a smile to anyone needing cheer and celebration.

I love the color and the sentiment it is bringing. Read along and find out how you can create your own shaker card and coordinating treat.

You can easily take the same concept and create a lovely birthday card, bridal shower or graduation card. For the graduation card, just stick the graduation cap on the little furry monster and your have your grad. The graduation cap can be found here.

Deb writes:

Hello DeNami friends! It’s Deb and today I have a little project to share with you that I created using Monster Celebrations clear stamp set. This set is super cute and fun to work with. It’s a shame that this stamp set didn’t exist when my kids had their joint monster birthday party last summer. Oh well. So glad that I get to play with it now.

For my project, I decided to create a shaker style card. My little monster is shouting Hooray and this style card is perfect for the sentiment. I still had some patterned paper left over from my kid’s actual monster birthday party. I thought it would be perfect to use! I colored in my sentiment in rainbow color to go along with the striped paper. Paulina has a great tutorial that you can find here to learn how to create this style card. I used a bunch of her Pretty Pink Posh sequins. By the way, did you know that DeNami now carries Pretty Pink Posh dies? Woot-woot!

For my cupcake/muffin topper, I inked up another monster and one of the smaller sentiments and colored it in with my copics. I punched it out with a 1 ¾ in circle punch. Then I attached it to the inset that was leftover from the card. I used a piece of tape to attach it to a toothpick and stuck it in. The cupcake liner was another leftover from the monster birthday party that I never tossed. Good thing, huh?
Here are the two projects together. Bright and cheerful. Thanks for stopping by!
Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Sick with Colitis and Diverticulosis and What I Learned from it.

Hi DeNami friends,

I just wanted to write you all to let you know what I've been going through. Some of you are on Facebook and know what was going on while things were happening.

Two weeks ago, starting on Sunday, February 22, 2015, I was having some discomfort in my abdomen. It was not entirely unusual that I would have digestive problems, so I was waiting for it to pass. Come that Monday, it was still there but bearable.

I decided to go to the doctor the following day and waited to see how I felt that next morning. In the middle of the night, the pain got so unbearable that I felt I needed to go to the Emergency Room to be relieved of the pain. Mind you, I have a high pain tolerance, having birthed 4 kids naturally and being back on my feet the next day. Also, as a mom of 5, you just don't "get sick". You just keep going. I couldn't sleep the pain away. I didn't want to bother anyone and suggested to hubby that I would just take myself there. He wouldn't have any of that and quickly ushered me to the Emergency Room about 15 minutes away.

Fortunately, there was no one in the waiting room. Prior to going, I checked the hours of the Urgent Care clinic, but saw that the Emergency room was my only option. I was able to let them know online that I was heading there and they were expecting me right when I arrived.

They did the vitals, EKG, Cat scans, blood work and determined that I had Cecal Colitis and Diverticulosis that developed into Diverticulitis. I didn't know what that was so they went into detail as to what it was. It is pockets that develop in the large intestine that gets food and waste trapped in there causing inflammation then infection. I read that it is very common in those over 40, but many don't realize they have it until this happens.

They prescribed 2 antibiotics, pain med and an anti-nausea med. I was glad they found what the cause was, but little did I realize that this was not the beginning of the end, my painful journey would take a harrowing turn.

I got home and was in pain, but I knew the meds were there to help me get better. Immediately, I lost all appetite and because of this, my stomach and gut emptied and then the harsh meds were going into an empty stomach and it was extremely painful. I was doubled over in pain for most of the night and in between that time, I was extremely nauseated and vomiting. This was very hard. I read the side effects and these were listed, so I suspected I was feeling this way because of the meds and not the condition itself. Day turned into night and night turned into day. There was no escaping the pain. Eating was more painful than not eating, believe it or not.

Several friends offered suggestions and I tried them all. After about 5 days, I was stomaching more food. My cousin's wife brought a comfort food remedy that was helpful along with a healing broth my sis in law made. Now my meds were entering a stomach that wasn't empty and it seemed to take the edge off the nausea a little. I noticed the original pain I went to the ER for was slowly going away and being replaced by the nausea, dizziness and vomiting. As bad as I was, it was still better than the pain.

The following week, the nausea and dizziness were more manageable. Laying in bed helped me to not feel the dizziness that sitting or standing causes. I began to read up on this more and found a site that was helpful for me about other people's experiences with this condition. You can read about it here, but it's the comments that is the MOST helpful. Hundreds of people sharing their stories. It helped me to piece things together a little bit. This was also interesting here.

Right now, I am at week 2 in bed. I am about to finish the last of the antibiotics and am hoping that my body will start healing on its own. I have never had any health issues that took me down. I rarely got sick and I was very active up to this point. I exercise 5-6 times a week, eat very healthy (to a fault) but this somehow came upon me unexpectedly.

Through this all, I have learned many things being sick. Here is my ongoing list:

1) My hubby is a very good and attentive nurse! He is a rough and tumble man's man, so to see his soft side is quite sweet. He will straighten up my blankets, refill my ginger ale and water, and regularly offer food. He was there to give me pep talks when I had a meltdown and was sobbing with discouragement.

2) You never know when you need help, so keep your friendships alive. Friendships have always been important to me, but I think of myself as the giver and not the receiver. It has been humbling being on the receiving end of help.

3) The body of Christ (church friends) have been an immense support with prayers, well wishes, suggestions and practical help. I have a good family network, but this support network goes beyond what my family can do and it is a beautiful thing to experience. If you don't have this, think of this as a gentle reminder to make friends in a church. Let me know if you need some pointers as to where to start to look. I can't emphasize this enough. I wouldn't have weathered it without the faithfulness of that support.

4) I can empathize and sympathize with those who cannot do much for themselves. Not so much that they don't want to, but truly can't. I got to a place where I really couldn't do anything for myself and that was so hard. Being a mom, I wanted to nurture the kids and do things for them, but I couldn't do a thing.

5) Never get so busy that you don't reach out to those who need a friend or help. One thing that blessed me so much was a friend who I hadn't seen in about 20 years. I only see her on Facebook. She offered to bring a meal and I humbly accepted it. She prepared a feast including dessert. My family was so blessed by her kind gesture of love. She is a busy lady, doing marathons, working in an operating room and yet, she made time to bring an old friend a meal. That meal truly fed more that our bodies, but our hearts and souls.

6) Never take your health for granted. I never did and that's why I took care of myself, but even with all my precautions, I was still susceptible to illness. Enjoy your good days and make the best of it. Take each day as it comes and rest when you need. Listen to your body.

7) Stay positive mentally. Even with all the pain and hardship, I tried to still find good in it. I realize that the meds were going to help me and I was willing to go through it. Even when it led to nausea, I was still better off than having the pain. I also looked back on the blessings of going through this like those little bits of sunshine in the love poured out by friends and family. I could go and on about the bright spots during this trial.

My daughter even surprised me by coming all the way from San Francisco to just see me. I was very touched. It really was a blessing.

8) I see the hand of God even in what I don't understand. I have heard it said that your "Tests" of faith will become your "Testimonies" of faith. Well, it's not a test I want to take, but, let's be honest, does anyone like tests? It shows where you are lacking and also where you are passing. I believe in the power of prayer and recognize that I made it through with the many prayers uplifting me even when I couldn't even cry out due to the pain. I am trusting that I will be a good testimony to God. I know He loves me even when I go through stuff. Trust me when I say, I have been through "stuff". The harder the stuff the sweeter He is.

9) Our lives are so quick and fragile, that to live your life giving of yourselves to others for God is really the best investment of your life. People talk of living for yourselves and living life to the fullest (for selfish purposes), but the true investment comes when you invest in others. There is a great return on your investment. I believed that even before, but I have a deeper desire for even more.

10) This goes along with the previous, but really look at your life and live for what is lasting and worthwhile. Money will not last, nor health, but God, people and your spirit. Don't end up being at the end of your life wondering what you really lived for, examine now and start making choices that reflect what is really important to you.

I have "been there and done that" with regards to money, success, etc. But I would rather live a simple and relationship rich life than continually strive for things that never bring happiness or fulfillment. I guess age and wisdom is a good teacher. I desire to live a life of "no regrets".

This list will continue as I go through this journey.

I know my story is nothing new as many of you have your own. I bet you have learned a lot, too. I would love to hear.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get Well and Sympathy Cards

Hi DeNami friends,
Lately, I have heard of so many people going through some rough waters. We feel helpless, but want to share our love and prayers with them. As stampers, the best way we know how is to express that love through our art in cards. The love and care that goes into cards can be felt by the recipient.

Today, Lisa shares some lovely cards you can make for those you care about. They can be used for Get Well or Sympathy cards. You can change out the colors to suit the person you give it to, but these are great go-to cards for these times.

Lisa writes:

Hello, DeNami Design friends! It’s Lisa P. here. Does anyone else struggle when trying to create sympathy cards? I sure do. For me, they are the most difficult cards to make. Today I’m sharing three sympathy cards that feature a couple of the sentiments from the newly released CR04 Heartfelt Blessings Stamp Set. These gorgeous hand-lettered sentiments pair up beautifully with many of DeNami Design’s images and are perfect for sending thoughts, prayers and strength to anyone who is going through a tough time.

I hope you like my creations for today!

Thanks for stopping by!

DeNami Design Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Markers: Assorted Copic Sketch Markers
Glitter Pen: Clear Wink Of Stella (Zig)
Cardstock: Lemon Tart and Aqua Mist (Papertrey Ink)
Dies: Nesting Card Templates (Lifestyle Crafts), Medium Scalloped Border (Papertrey Ink), Stitched Rectangles (Lil’ Inker Designs)
Punch: Doily Lace Edge Punch (Martha Stewart Crafts)
Button Twine: Rustic Jute (Papertrey Ink)
Embroidery Floss: White (Janlynn)
Sequins: Caribbean Blend (Avery Elle)
Tool: Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper (We R Memory Keepers)
Adhesive: Adhesive Tape Runner (Tombow), 3D Foam Tabs (Tombow), Scor-Tape (Scor-Pal), Matte Multi-Medium (Claudine Hellmuth)
Monday, February 23, 2015

Golden Glam Square Card Set

Hi Friends,

We have a treat for you from Lisa P. She is showing a hot trend using gold. To make it even fancier, she incorporates gold embossing. It creates the illusion of fanciness, but is still lovely and simple. This is a great thing to make as a card set to give as a gift or if you want to make some cards to have on hand for the next occasion you have.

Lisa explains how to create these little beauties.
She writes: 
Hello there, DeNami Design friends! It’s Lisa P. I don’t know about you, but I am loving the gold trend we’re seeing in the crafty world these days! From embossing powders to patterned papers to washi tape to threads to sequins---there are so many ways to add splashes of gold to your projects. Today I’ll show you how to add some golden glam to your cards with heat embossing. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Cut three 2.5” x 2.5” panels from white cardstock. Stamp your image and/or sentiment in VersaMark ink, sprinkle with gold embossing powder, and heat emboss. (You’ll notice in the Step 2 photo that I changed things up a bit and embossed an image on one panel, a sentiment on another panel, and both an image and sentiment on the third panel.)

Step 2: Stamp additional images/sentiments in black ink onto each panel as shown. Add touches of color to each image using soufflé pens or markers. The soufflé pens are really fun to use with embossed images. I used soufflé pens on the butterfly and the cluster of hearts. I used markers to color the tiny hearts on the envelopes.

Step 3: Make three 3” x 3” card bases from white cardstock. Stamp splatters in black onto two of the card bases. Emboss the splatters in gold on the third card base.

Finished Cards: Adhere smaller panels to card bases with foam adhesive as shown.

So simple, yet hip and trendy! Here’s a look at each card individually:

I hope you like my cards for today and feel inspired to make some 3x3 cards and/or use gold embossing in a future project. Imagine sneaking a little card like this into your husband’s briefcase or your kiddo’s lunchbox…or leaving one on a co-worker’s desk. What a nice surprise that would be! You could even punch a hole in the top corner and use the card as a tag on a gift bag. So many possibilities!

Thanks for visiting!

DeNami Design Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Cardstock: White (Papertrey Ink)
Embossing Powder: Queen’s Gold (Ranger)
Souffle Pens: (Sakura)
VersaMarker: (Tsukineko)
Markers: Copic Sketch R22
Adhesive: 3D Foam Tabs (Tombow)
Friday, February 13, 2015

Using a Sketch (How To)

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share what Deb has created. At DeNami, we have been working on creating creative blogposts and projects that are interesting to you as a reader and stamper. Deb hit the nail on the head with this post!

If you have been following blogs, you have likely seen "Sketches" or "Challenges" to enter or follow. Deb is going to show you how to create cards based on Sketches.

Her Sketch is this:


When you see this, there are a variety of ways to base your card on this sketch. Here is how Deb does it. She writes:
Hello friends! It’s Deb here today. Have you ever created a card and realized that you could use the sketch over and over again? Well, I have created a few cards in the past using a certain sketch and thought I would create a few more using it again.

Here are the cards from the past.

The sketch uses an A2 card rectangle and a circle in the top portion as a focal point. You can create a patterned background like I did for the Beautiful Blossoms blog hop or keep it plain. I think this sketch works great for small images that you want as the focal point or to emphasize a sentiment.

For my first card, I inked up E182 Little Wagon, B118 Little Hearts and the sentiment is from CR02Monster Love Clear stamp set. I added a bow using some twine from my Classic Twine pack.

My second card uses one of the gorgeous sentiments and accent from CR04 Heartfelt Blessings clear stamp set and some twine from my Pastel twine pack.
I hope you have been inspired to look back at some of your creations and find a sketch that you can work with to create more cards and projects. Thanks for stopping by!
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Lollipop Treats

Hello friends,

I can't wait to share with you what Deb has been cooking up. I think she has outdone herself with cuteness!! I absolutely love how simple this is, yet totally creative and eye catching.
Today you can learn how to make this in time for Valentine's Day.

This project would be perfect for party favors for a kid's party, bridal shower, celebration, or even game day. Just change out the colors and stamps to create the theme you need.

You can even do this and tuck a Dove chocolate instead of the lollipop. Just don't make the hole for the stick. If you don't want to do candy, you can easily tuck in a mini post it note pad! How cute would that be!

Here's Deb's step by step tutorial. Give her some love by leaving a comment. Us bloggers LOVE comments.
Here's what Deb writes:

Hello DeNami friends! It’s Deb here today sharing some fun Valentine’s Day treats using some stamps from the latest release combined with some older stamps. DeNami carries so many wonderful Valentine themed stamps that you can easily substitute the images or sentiments while making this project.

For my project, I created some adorable lollipop wrappers. First I measured my lollipops to ensure they would be completely wrapped. I used Jolly Rancher lollipops. I trimmed my cardstock to 3x 2 ¾. Since I was using DeNami cardstock I simply trimmed it in half lengthwise and then trimmed off 2 ½ inches. 

I decided that I would use my embossing folders to jazz them up a bit.  I knew the cardstock was going to be longer, but I decided that the non embossed portion would end up on the back of the wrapper anyway. Also, some of the embossing folders emboss a bit deeper if using a thinner cardstock. That is was happened with my Thin Lines wrapper so I ended up using Wire Fence  instead. 

I scored them down the middle. 

Then I marked a spot half way down so that I could hole punch the center for the lollipop stick. As it turned out, my crop-a-dile was too short! So I used my scissors to trim an opening.

I stamped my focal point using the new Sealed with a Kiss and Sweetie Skunk along with my other sentiments and images. I added some foam adhesive to attach them to the wrappers.

Then I simply slid them into the wrappers. I applied a bit of ATG to one side to make sure they didn’t slide around.

Then I used my Tim Holtz tiny attacher to close them. You could also use a regular stapler or more ATG.

I applied some ATG to my fingers, just like Nami taught me *wink* and then wrapped it around the lollipop stick.  

 I trimmed some ribbon to about 6 inches and tied a knot around the stick making sure the ribbon was attached to the stick. Then I trimmed off the excess ribbon.

This project would also work great as party favors at a baby shower or birthday party. I hope you have the chance to give this a try.
DeNami supplies used:
Magenta cardstock
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Treats

Hello Friends,

Have I got a treat for you! A real treat, a Valentine's one! These are simple enough that you can whip them up and have them ready on that day. You will get all  kinds of compliments because people will marvel at how nice they are and you can just smile, knowing you can make them easily.

Lisa P will explain how to make them step by step:

Hello, DeNami friends! It’s Lisa P. and today I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day treat packages using the brand new CL-B121 Sealed With A Kiss sentiment. This sentiment is so sweet and works perfectly with the previously released (and totally adorable) CL-D174 Friendly Seal.

I’ve seen some dies on the market for making treat wrappers and this immediately got me to thinking about how I could use what I already have to make my own. Here’s what I came up with.


Step 1: Die-cut two large shapes from double-sided patterned paper. (Note: The die I used here is the second largest die in the Bubble Box Fri-Dies set from CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.)


Step 2: Score each at 3 5/8” and trim off the scallops closest to the score line (Note: You’ll end up trimming off about 3/4”.)

Step 3: Die-cut the second smallest Bubble Box from patterned paper.

Step 4: Die-cut the smallest Bubble Box from white cardstock. Stamp the sentiment and teeny heart onto this die-cut.

To Finish: Stamp Friendly Seal onto white cardstock, color him with markers and fussy cut him out. Adhere the white bubble box to the patterned paper bubble box and then adhere the seal. Adhere the two straight-edged flaps of the largest die-cuts together to create a wrap. Adhere the focal point onto the wrap. Insert a package of fruit snacks within the wrap and secure with Scor-Tape. Punch two holes in the top and tie on some baker’s twine to hold the wrap closed.

After I finished making this one, I decided to try to make another one. This time around though instead of using large die-cuts for the wrap, I used two rectangular panels of cardstock (each measuring 3 1/2” x 4 1/4”). I embossed the two panels to add some interest and then I picked up with Step 2 above. Here’s how it turned out:


And here’s a look at all of the packages together:

These little packages are so simple to create and could easily be modified for just about any occasion. I know I’ll be making more of these in the future! I hope you’ll give it a try too!

Thanks for visiting!

DeNami Design Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Ink: Cotton Candy (Simon Says Stamp), Tuxedo Black Memento (Tsukineko)
Markers: Copic Sketch C1 and C5
Glitter Pen: Clear Wink Of Stella (Zig)
Cardstock: White and Soft Stone (Papertrey Ink)
Patterned Paper: 12” Passion Fruit Journal (BoBunny) and We Go Together 6x6 Paper Pad (Pebbles)
Dies: Bubble Box Fri-Dies (CAS-ual Fridays Stamps)
Adhesive: Scor-Tape (Scor-Pal), Mono Multi Liquid Glue (Tombow)
Tools: Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper (We R Memory Keepers), hole punch
Other: Fruit Snacks (Yum Earth Organics)



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