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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nami's Review of DeNami's Clear Stamp Set

Hi Friends,

DeNami came out with 4 clear stamps sets beginning of January for the first time. Many of you have been buying stamp sets and were elated to hear that we were adding it to our offerings.

Being a "rubber snob", it was a difficult decision to even allow the thought of clear stamps to be associated with DeNami. I had to wrap my head around the idea, for one, along with the idea of allowing a "sub par" quality product to be associated with the DeNami legacy.

Needless to say, I had to look into this long and hard. I had to make sure that IF we did offer it, it would have to be the best out there. Some of the things I didn't like about clear stamps was that they tended to yellow over time. These ones have anti-yellowing agents that keep it from doing so like in the past. I also didn't like the quality that were out there. These had deep etching and were also very crisp in image. These stamps were far from the ones I had used in the past and passed my test.

From an artist's standpoint, I love that I could create a self contained collection in each set. That would allow me to go deep in design rather than just do a design here and there due to cost and design restrictions.

You see, in rubber die manufacturing the set up cost is high. The process is created to make many of the SAME designs. Therefore, we had to look at longevity of a stamp, marketability and to see if there wasn't something similar that we had already offered in the past that would affect those first two requirements.

You see how challenging it was? Not just as an artist, but also as a stamp company owner. There was always the battle between creative freedom and consumer costs. These are the battles behind the scenes. Often many, many designs are scrapped because they couldn't take up our set-up production space because they were similar to the other in the same season. Mostly variations of them. With the clear stamp sets, variations are wanted and a fun design style for consumers because the clear stamp set is priced low to allow for the fun elements you want with the collections.

I was able to stamp and play with the collection before its release and was very pleased with the results as well as with the quality.

The biggest thing I enjoyed was the tackiness of this clear stamp set. Not only was it tacky, but it stayed tacky throughout stamping. I knew that if dust and oil from my fingers got in the way, I could easily get back to that original tackiness with a quick wash of soap and water.

Another thing I like is that our clear cover sheet folds over rather than be removed. That keeps it with the set and keeps it from being lost amongst the stamping table. If your table looks like mine, then that loose clear sheet would be a goner.

Shown: This is the image side of the backing sheet. 
 Shown: This is the stamping side of the clear stamps

Another great thing is that it has the images printed on, therefore, allowing you know if any are missing and where to put them back to. It is handy because I don't have to wait until I need to use a stamp and then realize that it had been missing since last Christmas with nary a hope to find it. This limits the potential for loss, because after my stamping session, a quick glance will make it easy to see if it's all there.

Shown: CR02 Monster Love Clear Stamp Set

Shown: The clear stamp set in the packaging you get it in. Most of the time it is on a hangtag bag for store hanging, but can be in the clear sleeve shown below. 

Here is where you can order the clear stamp sets.

I hope this dispells any apprehension you have to adding them to your DeNami collection. If you have been a DeNami fan for a long time, you know that quality of image as well as quality of product is something that is important to us. We are pleased to have it in our stamp line and are looking forward to many more in our future.

Please comment your thoughts about DeNami offering clear stamps. If you were a little shy about buying them at first, share your story.

Thanks for reading! I am loving these clear stamps!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Candy Purses

Hi Friends,

I love Valentine's Day. It's a great time to share your love and appreciation to those around you. Little gifts and treats are a great way of spreading the love around easily and inexpensively.

These little candy purses can use scrap cardstock and supplies.

Here's what you will need:

TR12 Sweet Treat Blocks Trifles Set (Scallop Square stamp)
E114 Small Circle Dot Frame
F183 Double Circle stamp
Versafine Onyx Black ink pad
ATG adhesive
Boutique Buttons
PC21 White Cardstock
PC45 Amethyst Cardstock
PC49 Lavender Cardstock
Marvy purple Oval Scallop Punch (2x3 inches)
Marvy purple Square Scallop Punch (2 inches)
Marvy purple Rectangle Scallop Punch (1.5x2.5 inches)
Marvy yellow Scallop Circle Punch (1.5 inches)

Here are the Marvy punches

Here are the DeNami stamps I used

 For the hot pink purse, punch out 2 scallop rectangles.

 Fold about 4 scallops in, or 1 inch from edge approximately

 Using an ATG adhesive applicator, apple to the folded ends and attach ends together.

 Apply ATG adhesive to inside and press candy, such as Rolo, Hershey's Nuggets, Hershey's Kisses, hard candies, etc.
 On White cardstock, stamp scallop square with Versafine Onyx Black ink pad.

 Detail cut or Fussy cut the scallop with scissors.

 Fold diagonally in half.

 Apply ATG adhesive and attach to top of purse.

 Gather buttons and rhinestones

 Apply ATG adhesive to your fingers and press on button to adhere adhesive.
 Continue stacking another button and then a self adhesive rhinestone.

 Attach to purse base.

 For handle, stamp Dot Circle stamp with Versafine Onyx Black ink pad.
 Punch out using Marvy 1.5 inch scallop circle punch, centering it in the window.
 Super easy to do this.

 Fold it in half.
 Using scissors, cut out center.

 Unfold creating a ring.
 Apply ATG adhesive to your finger and then press ring to the adhesive until it transfers.
 You should have a sticky front ring.
 Attach to purse body.
 Look how adorable this looks!

 Here is the other variation using Scallop Oval punches.
 Here it is using the Square Scallop punch. Punch out three and fold one 2 scallops in or just make sure the middle surface is wide enough for your candy. This one is about 1 inches wide.
 Apply ATG to the folded sides and then attach the square scallops to the adhesive.
 Optional: Cut off about 1.25 inches from the end or 2 scallops.

 Turn over and apply ATG adhesive and press on candy.

There are so many variations you can come up with. You can vary the depth and make them shallower for Post-it Notes. You can also put a mini bag inside and fill with loose candies, like M&M's.
These would also make great little girls' birthday party favors, bridal shower favors, Mother's Day gifts, ladies' luncheons favors, etc.
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making them. Once you get started, they are so easy to make lots of them. Have fun.
What will you be making them for? Comment below.
Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine Candy Box

Hi Friends,

Here in WA, we have been getting some really sunny weather. Still cool, but sunny. It reminds me that winter will pass and Valentine's Day will be upon us.

I love making cards, but making treats are so fun. Personally, I am drawn to treats, gifts and any kind of DIY posts, and I suspect you like them, too.

Today I am featuring a boutique box that are filled with some chocolate. You can always choose hard candy or different chocolate than I featured. This is to just give you an idea to work with. My goal is to inspire you to make this your own.

{I am doing a Facebook Giveaway for the Boutique Boxes. Enter to win here You have until midnight tonight to enter}

Here are the supplies you will need:

E132 Small Heart Outline
E133 Small Scallop Heart
PF43 Petit Fours Hearts
PF42 Love Sentiments
CB500 Boutique Boxes
Red cardstock
PC21 White Cardstock
Versafine Onyx Black Ink Pad
Versafine Satin Red Ink Pad
Tombow Markets red and hot pink
ATG adhesive

Step 1: Stamp the Small Scallop Heart on the White cardstock using the Versafine Onyx Black ink pad. Stamp 3 or as many as you plan to make.
If you are doing a series of gifts, stamp as many as you need. It will save you time in the long run.

 Step 2: Stamp the Small Outline Heart inside the scallop heart. I get it down to where I can see the rubber die and center it. It will take some practice on scratch paper, but it is not hard. Perfection is not necessary. If you are a perfectionist, that is where a stamp positioner will come in handy.

Step 3: Stamp the PF43 Hearts in Versafine Satin Red. That will allow your sentiments to stand out more while still giving it some color. You can choose to just stop at the hearts and not add sentiments. I have shown what it looks like stamped in black for effect.

This is what it looks like stamped in black with no sentiments. The neat thing about this heart collection is it is very versatile. You don't have to use the scallop heart at all and just use the outline heart. You can also just do the petit fours hearts with sentiments, etc. Just mix and match as you please.
This can be great for weddings and anniversaries, so Valentine's Day is just a start.

Step 4: Cut out the hearts and then use an ATG adhesive gun to attach the hearts to the cardstock measured 1 5/8x4 5/8 to fit the Boutique box.

Step 5: Apply ATG tape to your finger so you can peel them onto the candy easily. That is one great use of the ATG tape, you can easily do small areas by just peeling and sticking, without using the applicator gun directly.

Step 6: Attach chocolates to the heart cutouts. Here I used Rolos, but Dove's, Reese's mini cups, and others would work.

Step 7: Take another set of cutouts, color using Tombow markers or any kind of preferred markers and attach to the top of the chocolates.

Step 8: Apple ATG adhesive to the back of the cardstock with the chocolate. This will prevent the cardstock from sliding around and keep the chocolates in place.

Step 9: Carefully put the cardstock in and position it to where you want it. Notice the flap is on top of the boutique box, this is so the flap will close at the bottom without it showing on top. Keep this in mind.

Here's just another angle.

Look how nice and tidy this looks.

Here you can see the dimension even better.

Step 10: Cut ribbon long enough to go around the box to tie a double know. It will be about 18 inches or so.
Then find the middle and add ATG adhesive to it.

Step 11: Attach the ribbon to the bottom of the box and also add more ATG adhesive to the sides of the the box so the ribbon will not slip off. 

Here is another angle

Step 12: Tie a double knot

This is what it looks like on the bottom when the adhesive is on it. The ribbon is not going to slide at all.

Step 13: Loop another strand of ribbon several times and then tie the ribbon on the box to the looped ribbon.

Step 14: Here is the finished bow.

To give a more perfect look, I attached the ATG adhesive to various parts of the ribbon so it would lay nicely. You can put it behind the tails, loops or wherever the ribbon is not behaving:)
Another good reason to use ATG. It is the fix all for so many things.

You can use this same gift idea for Saint Patrick's Day, wedding favors, party favors, bridal showers, etc. Just change to the color you want and the theme. Super easy!

Thanks for joining me. Hope you use this idea to spread lots of joy.

~ Nami



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