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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Interview with Michele

Today we are bringing you an interview with our sweet Michele. If you have ever participated in one of our challenges, you were almost guaranteed to have received a comment from Michele. She is so full of encouragement and kind words. Go grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and let's get to know this design team member better.

How did you hear about DeNami Design?

I saw a picture of Mimi in a magazine years and years ago, and I was struck by the beautiful whimsy. My favorite Mimi stamp of all time is Mimi's Bubble Bath! She has a place of honor on my desk because she just makes me happy!!

How long have you been stamping?

I started scrapbooking in 1999 but didn't find stamping until 2001. I was invited to a Stampin' Up! party (which at the time, I knew nothing about) and went because I felt obligated. Long story short, I got hooked on ink and rubber...Big Time! I love to get inky! Its my favorite way to celebrate my "me time"

How would you describe your stamping style?

Powered by M&M's! LOL! I don't know if I have a defined style. It really just depends on the stamps I'm using and how I see them. I like a lot of texture and I love embellishments-ribbons, bows, embossing, bling (gotta have the bling!) I also like layers and dimension. So help me out-what's that called?? :)

What is your favorite color combination to use on your projects?

My all time favorite is pink and chocolate followed closely by pink and black.

If you had to choose one go-to stamp, what would it be?

Hmmm...lately I've been reaching for my Harlequin Border a lot. But I also have Stitched Border permanently stationed on my desk. I love how versatile these stamps are!

What is your favorite embellishment?

I have 2 favorites. I love the bling-love love love little gemstones. I also really love ribbon. Its rare that I make a card anymore without ribbon.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects?

Everywhere! Just this morning Ann on The Today Show was wearing a darling white dress with little black flowers all along the neckline and I was drooling and thinking how fast can I get down to my studio because that is a card waiting to happen! (keep your eyes open on my'll know it when you see it!) *wink*

How many cards do you create per week?

Not nearly as many as I'd like! Usually 3-4. I am a very slow stamper and 9 times out of 10, the card I sit down to create, is not the card that gets created! I need to learn how to stick to the plan, but I get so caught up in the design process and the choices that I get off track and suddenly there is a new plan. Sadly, I don't always stick to the new plan either!

What is your favorite part of blogging?

The comments! I love giving them almost as much as I love getting them. I get so happy when someone takes the time to tell me what they think about my latest creation. Literally, I'm all smiles while I'm reading it! And when someone becomes a follower on my blog too I am doing the happy dance! If you've ever seen Elaine from Seinfeld dance, you have a small idea of what's happening in my studio :)

Any tips for new stampers?

Don't get caught up with trying to figure out what your style is. If you see something you like, try it! Try Everything! Most importantly, don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone-you can always step back in.


Tenia Nelson said...

Yay Michele!!!

Jenny said...

Love hearing these stories and learning about my fellow DT memebers! Now I'm doing the Elaine dance...

Jenny said...

Members, not memebers....

Laurie Chilton said...

We are doing the Happy Dance! Thanks for the inspiration Michelle. :)

jo said...

Love getting to know Michele! She's one of my favorites out there! :)

Gail S. said...

I have always appreciated her positive comments on my submissions--and her creations, too!

Lisa Petrella said...

Great interview!!! Loved having the chance to learn more about Michele! Such a sweet, creative, and talented girl!

Anonymous said...

Great getting to know you better Michelle :)

Nami Nakamura said...

You have such a fun personality and it shows from your answers. Looking forward to meeting you in person! Thanks for sharing.

Carol McFarland said...

Michele has ideas in a nanosecond if you just tell her what you are thinking about...she is a creative genius! Glad I live near her and can play with her whenever I can!


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