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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ways With Washi #1

 Good morning to you, DeNami fans!

It's Emily here coming to you with my very first monthly feature here on the DeNami blog: Ways With Washi. My goal for this feature is to inspire you to use DeNami Design washi tape in lots of fun and unique ways. Each month I will highlight a particular way to use washi tape and give you some project- based examples to show you what I mean.

This month we are starting with a pretty obvious use for washi tape: making stripes. We have to start somewhere, right? Washi tape is perfect as a replacement for ribbon on cards. It is much thinner, which is great for mailing, and so much easier to adhere. Plus, washi tape is removable, so it's easy to gently peel up and adjust the placement if it isn't straight.

Shall we take a peek at a few examples? I was in the mood to make Valentine's Day cards. :)

On my first card I used this sweet red stripes washi tape in a similar way as I would use ribbon in this card design. The advantage is that it is less bulky- so easy to slide into an envelope-- keeping this card nice and flat for mailing. No extra postage required here!


Now, how about a bit of a twist? On my second card, I've used the white/ red hearts washi tape and set my washi stripes on a diagonal. I'm still taking a page from the ribbon playbook here, but the process of finishing off the ends is so much easier! Simply wrap the ends of the tape around the edges of the card. Done. If you've ever tried a similar maneuver with ribbon, you know what a pain it can be to secure ribbon ends that have been wrapped around to the inside of a card on a diagonal. And over the card fold? Forget about it!


Finally, here on my third card I've let my washi tape stripes take center stage. Don't these pink stripes and pink chevron washi tape stripes look awesome as a base for that stamped Valentine's Day sentiment? Together they create a unique focal point.

I'm sure after seeing these three beautiful cards, you are dying to get or add some washi tape to your collection! Here's two different ways you could win some:
That wraps up this month's Ways With Washi! I hope you'll swing by my blog for a chance to comment and win a roll of washi tape!

Have a super day!  


Lisa said...

What a FUN kick off to your new feature Emily! Super cute cards and inspiration for Washi. CAN'T wait to see what else you have in store for us ;)

Tina M said...

Ohh what a fun feature! Can't believe great minds were thinking alike since this is the topic for today's Tips & Tricks feature on the Addict blog! Wonderful job and adorable creations!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love it! I'm glad this is going to be a new feature. I see so many wonderful things with Washi tape but when it comes to using it I suddenly draw a blank.

Anita said...

Thank you for giving me some fabulous inspiration Emily!

Lisa Petrella said...

FANTASTIC feature, Emily!!! Your ideas are AWESOME and so perfectly demonstrated in each of your ADORABLE samples!!!! Way to go!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Hooray for your tutorial, Emily! You did a great job showcasing the different ways to use Washi. These are all so sweet! Love that first critter card the best...I'm partial to woodland creatures. :)

Amy Smidebush said...

So awesome! Love all the different cards!!!

Barb said...

gorgeous creations Emily! I love the diagonal tape treatment...perfect design!

Marlena M. said...

I love all your samples Emily~fantastic tutorial!


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