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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Full Reveal + Checklists + Buy It All

Good morning, DeNami friends!

Are you ready? It's the day of the FULL REVEAL of the Fall/ Winter 2013 collection! The past three days the DT has showcased all sorts of inspiring cards and projects.  Despite all of these amazing samples, there are still lots of stamps that haven't been featured yet!

I hinted at some big new and now we finally get to reveal what it is! We know that everyone has their preference as to whether they like wood-mounted stamps or cling. Good news: we are going to start gradually transitioning to a new format on the website.You'll be able to click the "cling" or "wood-mounted" option, so you can get the stamps in whichever format YOU prefer.

*I want to note that soon our show booth will be transitioning to almost all cling stamps, however, you can still purchase the wood-mounted options on our website!

Like we do with every release, we are offering you a free download of the NEW supplement. These images are true to size, so you can see exactly what the stamps will look like.

(Click the graphic to download the PDF) 
Tip: After printing your supplement, highlight the items you'd like. This is a great way to easily see which stamps you want to purchase. 

With the click of ONE button, you can get ALL of the new stamps and sets.
  • All 33 NEW wood mounted stamps and sets, along with the 13 new cling sets at a 15% discount, when you purchase this bundle! 
  • Qualifies for FREE shipping within the US
Since the new collection is here, we waned to be sure you had the latest checklists! This is the perfect way to keep track of what DeNami stamps you currently own, or the ones that are on your growing wish list! 
 (Click the graphic to visit the checklist page) 
I will be back a little later this morning with a post announcing all of the giveaway winners. If you haven't already, visit the Chickie Sneak Peek, Elegant Sneak Peek and the Create Your Own Sneak Peek. You have until 9am, PST to leave your comments!

Have fun looking over all the new stamps. I can't wait to see who will be purchasing the Buy It All package and seeing which images will find their way into your shopping carts tomorrow!   
If you have any questions about a new stamp or set, head on over to the DeNami Facebook page and ask away. I'll do my best to answer the questions in a timely matter so you can get your shopping lists ready. Hope you all are as excited about this release as we are! 


Lisa's Creative Niche said...

how exciting!!! love the new stamps!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I'm confused.. the stamps are or are not available for sale on the website now? I didn't see them but I did give up looking pretty quick when they weren't under the new tab.

Stacy said...

I am so pleased to see that most of your designs will be available in the cling format! I love my wood mounted stamps but they take up so much space. The cling stamps are easier to position for accurate stamping. This is really exciting news! Thank your for taking the time to listen to your customers.

Christy said...

Ooooh I love your new Halloween Chickie Scene! THANK YOU for making such a cute stamp, I'm sooo excited!!!

Greta said...

I'm really happy you're going to offer more cling stamps now--thank you!


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