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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Gifts Day #3

Do ideas randomly pop into your mind? This happens to me quite often, usually during sleepless nights. One night I was picturing what gift ideas I could create for this theme week and the ideas of cookies came to mind. The question: how could I make them fun and different? 

I will be the first admit, I am not skilled in the kitchen. However, I DO have a sister that graduated from both baking and culinary school. I told her exactly what I had envisioned and she worked her magic and made it come to life. I present my idea, courtesy of my sister Krista!  

Step 1: Make sugar cookie dough and gather your supplies. (Cookie sheet, rolling pin....)

Step 2: Use a circle cookie cutter to cut out shapes. After cookies are cut, pick a stamp design and press into cookies. For these cookies, the Ornamental Centerpieces set was used. 

 Note: this was a brand new set used only for the cookies. 

Step 3: Bake your cookies and enjoy! While our family enjoys the cookies "plain", you can add sprinkles before baking them! 

I hope that this post inspired you to try out stamping on your cookies! I can't do a post like this without asking a question- you know how I love interacting with you all! :)
I will see you all tomorrow for another Christmas Gifts idea. Thanks so much for stopping by the DeNami blog today!


Kanani said...

Eek! I LOVE it! I can't wait to get my order so my little guy and I can have some fun!

Tina M said...

I am utterly stunned at how AMAZING this is!! I'm kind of a "plain" girl myself, but seriously, look how beautiful they are with the sprinkles...they really bring out the image. This is insanely cool!

In answer to your question - the posibilities are endless! I mean, birthday cookies, baby or wedding shower cookies, holiday images....ohhh my, all of your gatherings will be so unique using this idea!!

Stacy said...

I have always wondered if you could stamp cookies but I've never tried it out. This is so cool!! These would be cute using a scalloped edge cookie cutter.... just like all the gorgeous DeNami cards!

And I'd stamp any design I can easily frost!

Wendy said...

Awesome idea Paulina and gorgeous cookies Krista! They look Yummy and Gorgeous all at once!

Sheryl said...

You two are so amazing! Several of the trifles sets would work so well: Sweet Hearts, Sugar Cookies, Ornaments, Winter Blocks, & Gifts. You've inspired us to try this!

Icurkapicurka said...

It's a really good and festive idea, I would like to make it!

Lisa said...

Get out of town!!! This is such a fun idea. I would use the Holly Lantern for sure!!!

terry said...

Snowflakes! A snowman would be adorable as well!!~Terry Y.

terry said...

After looking at the gorgeous sprinkled cookies, I have a question. How did you get the sprinkles into the stamped image and no where else!?? Mine wd stick to the moist dough and wd be hard to remove from areas. How did you manage to place it JUST in the small design area? THNX


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