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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ways With Washi #3

Good morning, DeNami fans! It's Emily here today. Thanks for dropping by for my March edition of Ways With Washi! I'm tired of the drab, faded winter landscape and am craving some spring colors. So my theme today is Easter eggs. Let's see how you can add happy colors to your Easter eggs with washi tape!

I'm starting today with some good old-fashioned, hard-boiled Easter eggs!

Do you like to dye your Easter eggs? It's so easy to add colorful accents with washi tape to dress up solid-color eggs. For the first egg, I went with one of my favorite color combinations by dying the egg blue and adding big brown polka dots with washi tape! I simply adhered a strip of DeNami Brown/ White Dots Washi Tape to wax paper and punched out dots with a 1/2" circle punch. Peel off the wax paper backing, affix the dots to the egg, and you have one perfectly stylish Easter egg. Done!

For my second egg, I adhered long stripes of DeNami Pink Stripes Washi Tape and DeNami Purple Stripes Washi Tape to wax paper and trimmed each with scissors into narrow bands, two stripes wide. he stripes make perfect cutting guides! (Full width washi tape tends to pucker when adhered to the highly curved egg surface, so you'll have better results with thin strips). Simply peel the narrow washi tape bands from the wax paper and affix to the egg, applying the stripes lengthwise from one and of the egg to the other. Add additional stripes until you are satisfied with the design. 

Why is it that chevrons seem synonymous with Easter egg design in my mind? It's so easy to add them with some DeNami Pink Chevron Washi Tape. I used my was paper trick again to trim out two long chevrons from the washi tape before adhering them around the egg.

Prefer to go dye-free with your Easter eggs? I added lots of color to my white egg with flowers punched from DeNami's Yellow/ White Dots, Pink Stripes, Purple Stripes, and Purple/ White Dots washi tapes, then embellished with leaves punched from DeNami Green Graph Washi Tape.

Now, what if you'd rather go with candy-filled plastic eggs? Washi tape can add a fun splash of color to filled eggs AND serve the practical purpose of sealing the eggs shut-- oh, so useful for protecting the delicious contents from accidental spills during boisterous egg hunts!

Using the washi tape's full width (shown on orange and pink eggs) is quick and provides full coverage for sealing but results in a slightly more puckered finish.

Trimming washi tape in half lengthwise before adhering to a plastic egg results in a relative smooth finish but takes an extra step and provides less coverage for sealing purposes.

Just in case edible or treat-filled eggs aren't your thing, I've got one final washi tape idea for Easter eggs. How about decorating a paper egg? I decorated the egg on this card in a jiffy with four different DeNami washi tapes.

I traced an egg-shaped cookie cutter on cardstock and covered it with stripes of washi tape. After cutting out the shape with scissors, it was ready to be adhered to this cheerful Easter card.

Whew! That was a long post, but I hope it gave you some usable ideas for dressing up your Easter eggs, in whatever form they may be, with a bit of colorful washi tape!

Would you like to try to win a roll of washi tape for yourself? I'm giving away a roll of DeNami washi tape over on my blog, My Little Slice of Bliss, today. I hope you'll stop by my blog for a chance to comment and win!

Thanks for visiting today!


Dana said...

Shut up! Emily you blow me away repeatedly! Love the washi on real eggs and the clever way you sealed the plastic eggs (boisterous is the correct word for sure!). PLus your card is sweet. Great ideas here!

Lisa said...

I'm with Dana...shut the front door girl!!! I'll say it again you are THE queen of Washi! Now one would think I like the polka dot egg the best, but I must say I'm pretty smitten with the last white/floral egg! Great job ;)

~Tammy~ said...

I am totally smitten! From paper to plastic all the way to the real deal! Emily rocks the washi!

Greta said...

Absolutely wonderful!

ChrisA said...

Great ideas and whats more, after the kids are done making the mess and dyeing the eggs, you can quietly go after and make them brilliant.
Love the card...Wish I had more tape colors than Mickey Mouse/Disney - they are great but not so spring like for Easter....

Cheryl LeBeau said...

Love your ideas...thx for sharing.


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