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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Adorable Glass Necklaces and Magnets

Hi Friends!

The holidays is the season to give. Why shortchange yourself the blessing of giving just because you are money poor? Today I will show you how to make darling gifts that cost you hardly anything to make, but is boutique quality and looks like you spent a mint.

Aren't these necklaces adorable! They look like the kind you can buy from a gift shop or boutique.

Here are the necklaces with the cardstock backing attached. 


Here are the necklaces in the 3x3 clear boxes



 You can make magnets instead. Just attach a magnet instead of the bail and chain.

 Here are the magnets close up

The first are necklaces that I made using flat glass bubbles that I found at the craft store. They are a little over an 1 inch across.

Supplies Needed to Make Glass Pendant Necklaces

-Markers (Tombow) if using Versafine or Copic if using Memento
-Necklace Bails
-Ball necklaces or chains
Optional: Strong Circle magnets if you prefer to make magnets

How to Make the Glass Pendant Necklaces

1) First I stamped my stamp images in Versafine TK-VF082 and colored with markers. You can use Memento TK-ME900 if you are using Copic markers.

The stamps used are all DeNami Design stamps. There are so many to choose from for all occasions. You can even use a portion of a stamp because you will just punch it out. 

2) Then I took a 1 inch circle punch MV-01 to cut out the images to fit behind the glass bubbles.

3) I added a small amount of 3D Crystal lacquer CL01 to the back of the glass bubble and then slowly pressed on the stamped image, making sure it was tightly pressed onto the back of the bubble with no air bubbles. Make sure you don't put too much as it will ooze behind the punch out and will need to be wiped off.

4) Allow to dry completely.

5) Glue on necklace bails using a E-6000 adhesive or similar that can attach metal to the glass.

6) Thread the chain in the bail after it is dry and package your necklace.

How to Package the Glass Necklaces

 1) Cut out White Cardstock PC21 into a hair less than 3x3 inch squares

2) Stamp I62 For You Circle in Black ink in the middle of the cardstock.

3) Add a strip of ATG100 adhesive in the middle of the I62 For you Circle and attach pendant.

4) Put the chain in a little baggie and attach the bag to the back of the cardstock with ATG100
I had to fold over the little bag to make it smaller to fit. 

5) Add a strip of ATG100 to the back of the cardstock, both top and bottom and slide
it into the 3x3 clear box. The adhesive will prevent the necklace and card from moving around too much.

I will do another post on how I wrapped these necklaces for a gift. Stay tuned! 

Enjoy giving these away!



Lyne Blodgett said...

Adorable idea, but where did you get the glass?

Nami Nakamura said...

Lyne, You can get them at Michael's, and Hobby Lobby. They are likely in the floral section. They are used in vases to help stabilize stems and can be used as table decor. They are in bulk bags and are not costly overall.

Tina M said...

These are just TOO darling!! I love the idea of making a necklace. I'm thinking my little Nieces will love a few of their own.


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