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Monday, May 24, 2010

Interview with Paulina

This is a very special interview because it's not only DT member, Paulina, but she also happens to be my talented daughter. She is an active blogger and professional cardmaker. She not only designs for the team but also for DeNami Design displays and classes.

Today Paulina is featuring a chickie card on
her blog! Be sure to stop by and take a peek- it's a cute one!

How long have you been stamping?

I have been stamping since I was a little girl. However I didn't really start enjoying it until a few years ago...hence the blog and being on design teams. :)

How did you get into stamping?

Since my mom, Nami, is the owner/ designer, it was a little hard not to get into stamping. Somehow even though I'm surrounded by stamps and also work for the company, I still enjoy stamping...a lot!

How would you describe your stamping style?

I like to think of my style as pretty, posh and polished.

What is your favorite color combination to use on your projects?

Well, I always love pink. However these days I have been really enjoying aqua, white, kraft and brown. Such a fresh and yummy color combo!

If you had to choose one go-to stamp, what would it be?

At the moment I can't get enough of the Tweety Bird Border. Coming in a close second would either be the Polka Dot Border or Small Solid Circle.

What is your favorite embellishment?

I can't put down my rhinestones and buttons! Very rarely will I create a card missing one of these elements.

How many cards do you create per week?

That truly depends on the week. The past month I've created 15-20 cards a week since I'm working on various projects. On a "normal week", it ranges from 10-15 a week.

Where do you get inspiration for your projects?

Everywhere! From magazines to advertisements to blogs, I am constantly inspired by things I see.

What is your favorite part of blogging?

There are two things that I love about blogging. 1) the comments. They really encourage me and prompt me to want to post often....keep them coming! :) 2) I have made so many wonderful friends through my blog. Never in a million years would I have guessed that people would want to read about me and see my card creations!

Any tips for new stampers?

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Don't give up on cardmaking if your cards don't look like a "pro" at this very moment. Every cardmaker has gone through beginning stages (myself included). With practice, watching video tutorials and getting inspiration from blogs & magazines, you'll soon find your own style and become a stamping professional in no time!


Michele Gross said...

Love you Paulina!!! :)

N Nakamura said...

I am the proud Mama, folks! Paulina, you are so talented. I am amazed at how you have developed your own style and following.

I do enjoy reading your conversational style writings on your blog, especially your ramblings. It inspired me to do one, y'all.

Unknown said...

Great interview. That is a lot of card making Paulina!

Ayana Posadas said...

Yay Paulina! Loved this interview! :)
I can't believe you create that many cards a week! Geez... I have some serious catching up to do! haha...

Laurie Chilton said...

Love the interview Paulina!!! Can't wait to meet you in person. :)

Sherri Everett Thompson said...

I feel very silly right now...Paulina, I didn't realize you were Nami's daughter! (blushing) Just another reason that I love reading interviews with other papercrafters. You learn so much! Have a great day!

~amy~ said...

Great interview! Dang Paulina, I didn't realize you cranked out so many cards in one week! You go girl!

AShu93 said...

It's great to learn about you Paulina. You really do beautiful work.

JoAnn V. ( said...

So fun! I love getting to know you!

Wow you make a TON of cards! Send me some mojo! :)


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