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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DeNami Warehouse

Hello and welcome to the DeNami blog!

We have a fun post to share with you all get a small glimpse of the DeNami warehouse! For those new to us, we are located in Washington state. We don't have a store, but we DO travel all over the country to various stamp shows. (Click here to view the show schedule). It's like a traveling store of sorts!

In addition to exhibiting are various stamp shows, we sell items on our website.
Today you'll get a little snapshot of how items are arranged so we can pick your orders efficiently.
I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse of the DeNami warehouse and how things work around here! I probably could have taken a million more pictures, but there are some things I can't show, plus I'm sure you didn't want to scroll a million times to get to the end of this post. :) 
Is there anything else you'd like to see here on the DeNami         blog in the future? Let me know....I'll see what I can do!


Ayana Posadas said...

Such a cool post! :) My favorite pic is the one of all the fun cardstock. There's so much. I love it!
I'd love to see a "video" tour too! That would be fun.

Laurie said...

Paulina this is so fun to see!!! I am drooling over that stash of cardstock! Thanks for the pics!

Pattie said...

I love to see the behind the scenes action!

jenny rogers said...

Love the cardstock colours and would love a video of the warehouse its so hard to get denami in the uk.

Jo Muscutt said...

Thanks for posting the pics! Of course it's never enough, but how fun to see how you do things. And it works because my orders come so fast!!

Unknown said...

LOVE seeing these pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them. I wish my DeNami shelves and storage looked that good.

~Tammy~ said...

This is great to see. Thanks for the little insight on how orders are processed!

Linda McClain said...

Oh drool! So much yummy stuff in one location.

Andrea M said...

Thanks for sharing the glimpse into the DeNami warehouse Paulina!!! How great to see all those goodies!!!

Sue Lelli said...

Wow! Paulina, these pics are Almost as good as being locked in the warehouse all day but not quite as good as seeing the DeNami booth and your Wonderful family at a show! THX for sharing!

Hedgehog Reader said...

What fun! I especially loved the photos of the yummy cardstock and ribbons - such pretty colors! :o)

Lisa Petrella said...

Such a super fun post! Oh how I'd LOVE to visit in person!!!


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