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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boutique Buttons

Hi there!

So glad that you popped in! Today I have a blog post that's all about our Boutique Buttons!You'll get a peek as to how they came about, and also the process of how they get packaged.

History: I personally got introduced to buttons on cards a few years back. I played around with the itty bitty ones, but never really took to them. Shortly afterwards I started seeing larger buttons being used on cards EVERYWHERE in blog world. I, of course, jumped on the bandwagon. After using them in many different ways, I suggested to Nami that we bring them to our line of accessories. We started with just a few colors, and now we have a rainbow of beautiful colors, and mixes! 

And now, here's the process of how they get packaged.....


And this, button lovers, is how our front button inventory is stored. Each box features a different color, which makes it super easy for us to see what needs to be refilled and/or reordered. 
If you haven't jumped on the button bandwagon, you may be slightly overwhelmed by all the colors we offer. Let me say that I'd start out with the following, and then you can add from there. :)

Tutti Fruitti (our most popular)
Sweetheart (has a mix of three colors, so it's 3-in-1)
Sand (a color that is rare to find)

I hope you enjoyed another behind-the-scenes look as to what goes on here at the DeNami office. Hopefully this post inspired you to play with YOUR buttons, or purchase some so you can try them out. They're so fun and they truly do add a lot to your projects.

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend. I'll see you on Monday for a brand new challenge!


Sue Lelli said...

That was so interesting to see! I own DeNami buttons and they are a wonderful selection of shades and sizes.

Annette Holleger said...

I love the color mixes. The Halloween, aqua and espresso are favorites of mine in addition to the sweetheart mix. They're a great value and look pretty just sitting in my studio.

Laurie said...

LOVE to see all that button goodnes!!


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