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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paper Punch Purses + VIDEO

Hello, DeNami friends! 

It's been a little while since I uploaded a new video for you all. I do have a few reasons for that....

1) Trying to decide which cards/ projects I should film
2) Debating on whether I should do technique videos, start-to-finish card videos or a little mixture
3) I'm still trying to get over how much I dislike my voice on camera

I finally pushed aside these reasons and just sat down in the studio and filmed some videos. I have some fun stuff scheduled for this blog in the next few weeks! 

If you have attended a show recently, you have probably seen Nami create these adorable little paper punch purses. After seeing them for quite some time (and answering lots of emails on how to create them), I finally decided to do a video showing how to create them from start-to-finish. I thought they would be hard to make, but they are actually quite easy!  

I'm in the Christmas mode right now, so I went with a traditional Christmas combo. However, you can do ANY kind of color combination. Below you'll see just some of the other ones we've created recently. 

And now, here's the video on how to make them!

Watch above or watch on the DeNami Design YT channel

I hope that this video and post inspired you to give these a try! If you create some, I'd love to check them out. Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog post, or you can upload it to the DeNami Flickr group or DeNami Design Facebook page! 

I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a great rest of your day!


Tina M said...

Ohh I'm so happy you did this video...what an awesome idea! I'm planning a baby shower and these are PERFECT!! I can't wait!!

I love a mixture of start to finish and techniques and your voice is JUST FINE lol.

Ohhh, and sparkle're my hero ;)

Rae Ann said...

I love these little purses! They are so versatile and such a quick project.

I am with Tina. Your voice is fine and I was loving the sparkle nails. =)

Carol Hartery said...

Oh, WOW. I LOVE this video. I am definitely going to make some of these purses. Your voice is sweet, your nails are beautiful. In addition to learning how to make the purses I like the idea of adding the black jewel to the button. Thank you so very much for the ideas and the inspiration. Carol

Karen McAlpine said...

Hey! This is so cute. I am going right now to make one..before I forget the process. Thanks.

Lisa Elton said...

This is darling Paulina...thanks for sharing!!

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, Paulina, these are the cutest EVER!! What a great idea. LOVE!!

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Paulina
I'm back again. I have one suggestion and maybe you already thought of this...could you please list the materials used in the videos. I want to make some purses before I go to bed and need to create a list. Thanks!

Unknown said...

You are so tough on yourself... your voice sounds great! These were SO cute, love that you did a video. Thanks!!

Larissa Heskett said...

THANKS For sharing!! I LOVE this idea!! WHat a fun Party Favor!! =)
I think the kids at school would LOVE these!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Is said...

Hi Paulina, I love them! I made five to give to my girlfriends, I've posted about it. Here you have the link.
Thanks for sharing
Hugs from Spain


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