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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reflection of your Personality

Good  morning! 

Wow, did this month fly by for you all, too? I can't believe it's the last week of September already! You know what that means? It's almost time for the last round of the National Stamping Month challenges! The theme for this week: Personal Style. What does that mean? We want you to create a card/ project that reflects your personality. Would it have lots of color? Maybe more subtle and subdued? Perhaps with lots of sparkles?

(If you think you have multiple personalities, then submit lots of cards- it's okay, some of us here at the office would fall into this category!)

While I was restricted to the couch after the accident, my lovely sister asked if I needed her to do anything. At the top of my list? Create card(s) for the blog! By trade she is a chef, but in her spare time you can find her sewing, creating beautiful things from mundane items, or recreating things she has seen from Pinterest. She is super creative! Take a look at the card she created for me to share with you all.
I would definitely say that this card reflects my sisters personality. It's colorful, cheery, intricate and beautiful. Now that you've seen her card, it's your turn to create a card that fits your personality! Hurry- we need to receive your card by midnight in order to be considered as a finalist for the last challenge! 

I'm looking forward to seeing all the submissions! Have a great rest of your Monday!



Tina M said...

Ohh my gosh...this is so eclectic and wonderful! I just love everything about it! She deffinately shares your Mom's and your talent for cardmaking!!

Hope we can have more glimpses of her cards in the future too!

Lisa Elton said...

How pretty! She did a great job and I love the collection of buttons she added!

Unknown said...

Good job, K! We have to have you appear more often!

Dana said...

*gasp* Om my. Lovely work from your sister. I hope she will participate more!


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