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Monday, December 22, 2014

Time to Organize a Trouble Spot!

Hi Friends,
It's time for me to rant about my studio "trouble spots" shall we say. Since I have several, let's just focus on the one that I am always dealing with, the place where I store my ATG gun.  My ATG gun is my beloved adhesive applicator, but getting to it is what can drive a sane woman batty!

As you can see, the Before picture causes rockslides, avalanches and things like it. Actually, there is usually a stack of cardstock sitting next to it, but I had already removed it.

Since I have so many things in my office and studio, I figured I can repurpose what I had to help out this corner of frustration.

I took what appears to be either a letter sorter or notebook organizer. They became "stalls" for my ATG's. I absolutely LOVE how this solved my ageold problem!!! How did I not think of this before?!

If I didn't find this, I was going to recruit my magazine boxes for the same idea. I like that this is more visible and clean looking than the magazine boxes would have been.

If you don't know what an ATG gun is, you really need to. It is the BEST adhesive I have ever come across and nothing has compared to it since! I can use it to attach layers permanently, I can make glue dots to any size I want. I can rub it off, like rubber cement, when I make a boo boo or change my mind as to where I want a panel to be. It is the most cost effective adhesive on the market with it currently at $5.15 for a roll of 36 yards, on DeNami, and being 1/2 inches wide rather than the standard 1/4 inch for most adhesives on the market. I can go on and on, but I digress... Let me go back to the topic at hand.

Now that this problem area is in the past, I am now eyeing other areas, like my stamping table! I make no promises as to when I will post about it, but just know that it is a problem area.
Also, I thought I would share with you a genius idea we have been using for some time, our ink pad organizer. If you are a 70's and 80's child, you will recognize this as being a cassette tape holder. If you are too young to know what that is, you can read about it here

It was originally wood, but it was spray painted white to match our decor. Now we can't get too out of hand by not keeping it looking snazzy, can we?
A good place to find these would be garage sales, Craigslist, or thrift stores. Most people have no need or desire to have this in their abode, BUT as a stamper in need of bringing order into your stamping domain, this is sought after, desired and wished for. I bet you could even enlist your Facebook friends to keep an eye out for you or at least look in their attic for one. If that friend is a stamper, don't tell her what you are using it for until AFTER she has given it to you and you have used it. She might be sad she even let it go and we mustn't let our friends feel sad now, would we?

What is your area of frustration with regards to your stamping set up?

Comment and let me know.



Lyne said...

I've been looking for a cassette holder due to this exact problem!

Anonymous said...

I don't have an adhesive gun, but I do love the idea for the inkpads! Genius! And you can see each one for ease of access and use! Thanks for sharing! :)

ValByDesign, Valerie said...

Awesome post!! Ha ha, I love the cassette tape link for peeps who have no idea what they are - lol! Sadly, yes, I DO know what the are ;) And brilliant storage idea for the ink pads! I am in the middle of fixing storage things in crat room, too. I have crazy areas just like your tape runner area that I just can't stand anymore. Good luck on everything else in the room!

Bev said...

Your ideas are great. I am always looking for ideas for organizing embellishments. I just can't seem to find a good strategy. Any ideas?

cghundley said...

I have my ATG gun hanging
inside my desk by a cup
hook. So it's right there
when I need it. I have
bags of years of scrapbooking
I need to do that makes for
a big mess. Have to work on
that. Love you article.
Carla from Utah

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have a cassette holder for the least used inks because it is across the room. It is full but I don't have wall space for another one. The most used inks are in a shallow drawer next to my desk. Well, black is front and center in a desk organizer.

I love the tips. That's brilliant for the ATG dispensers. I got rid of mine as I didn't like it (too big and to prone to cat chaos) but I'll be sure to share this idea with others.


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