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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nami's Review of DeNami's Clear Stamp Set

Hi Friends,

DeNami came out with 4 clear stamps sets beginning of January for the first time. Many of you have been buying stamp sets and were elated to hear that we were adding it to our offerings.

Being a "rubber snob", it was a difficult decision to even allow the thought of clear stamps to be associated with DeNami. I had to wrap my head around the idea, for one, along with the idea of allowing a "sub par" quality product to be associated with the DeNami legacy.

Needless to say, I had to look into this long and hard. I had to make sure that IF we did offer it, it would have to be the best out there. Some of the things I didn't like about clear stamps was that they tended to yellow over time. These ones have anti-yellowing agents that keep it from doing so like in the past. I also didn't like the quality that were out there. These had deep etching and were also very crisp in image. These stamps were far from the ones I had used in the past and passed my test.

From an artist's standpoint, I love that I could create a self contained collection in each set. That would allow me to go deep in design rather than just do a design here and there due to cost and design restrictions.

You see, in rubber die manufacturing the set up cost is high. The process is created to make many of the SAME designs. Therefore, we had to look at longevity of a stamp, marketability and to see if there wasn't something similar that we had already offered in the past that would affect those first two requirements.

You see how challenging it was? Not just as an artist, but also as a stamp company owner. There was always the battle between creative freedom and consumer costs. These are the battles behind the scenes. Often many, many designs are scrapped because they couldn't take up our set-up production space because they were similar to the other in the same season. Mostly variations of them. With the clear stamp sets, variations are wanted and a fun design style for consumers because the clear stamp set is priced low to allow for the fun elements you want with the collections.

I was able to stamp and play with the collection before its release and was very pleased with the results as well as with the quality.

The biggest thing I enjoyed was the tackiness of this clear stamp set. Not only was it tacky, but it stayed tacky throughout stamping. I knew that if dust and oil from my fingers got in the way, I could easily get back to that original tackiness with a quick wash of soap and water.

Another thing I like is that our clear cover sheet folds over rather than be removed. That keeps it with the set and keeps it from being lost amongst the stamping table. If your table looks like mine, then that loose clear sheet would be a goner.

Shown: This is the image side of the backing sheet. 
 Shown: This is the stamping side of the clear stamps

Another great thing is that it has the images printed on, therefore, allowing you know if any are missing and where to put them back to. It is handy because I don't have to wait until I need to use a stamp and then realize that it had been missing since last Christmas with nary a hope to find it. This limits the potential for loss, because after my stamping session, a quick glance will make it easy to see if it's all there.

Shown: CR02 Monster Love Clear Stamp Set

Shown: The clear stamp set in the packaging you get it in. Most of the time it is on a hangtag bag for store hanging, but can be in the clear sleeve shown below. 

Here is where you can order the clear stamp sets.

I hope this dispells any apprehension you have to adding them to your DeNami collection. If you have been a DeNami fan for a long time, you know that quality of image as well as quality of product is something that is important to us. We are pleased to have it in our stamp line and are looking forward to many more in our future.

Please comment your thoughts about DeNami offering clear stamps. If you were a little shy about buying them at first, share your story.

Thanks for reading! I am loving these clear stamps!



Linda said...

At first I too was hesitant to change to clear but I soon found that the easy storage, easy alignment and cheaper price far out weighed the "feel" of that nice block of wood and rubber!

Good for you to insist on the best, especially the anti-yellowing and good cling! I always trust DeNami for quality! Hope we can see the return of your elegant drawings as well! Monsters are cute, but just not quite what I need for sympathy cards!


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