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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Big News! New DeNami Facebook Group!

Hi DeNami friends,

Yesterday, I asked if people were interested in having a Facebook group and there was an overwhelming "yes" coming back.

If you are on our Facebook page, you might be wondering what the difference is between a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

I will be answering the following questions today:

1) "What is the difference between a DeNami Facebook page and a DeNami Facebook group?"
2) "What can I post in the DeNami group?"
3) "Where can I join this awesome group?"

Let's begin with each question...

1) "What is the difference between a DeNami Facebook page and a DeNami Facebook group?"

If you already LIKE our Facebook page, you will see that we post card projects, interactive questions, tips, etc, related to DeNami and what our fan might like. In a group, all members are equal, per se, and can post and share in the group and get feedback. On the page, only the admin posts to the page and comments can be made.

In the group, you can ask questions in which DeNami members can answer them, it is more "self run" and does not require the admin to be the main contributor of the posts. The admin will just make sure things are running smoothly and people are happy.

The group will be much more interactive with DeNami stampers posting their projects, vs the DeNami page might include non-stampers, crafters and people just curious about what we post. The group is more intimate and you might actually get to know some of these people since you share a passion.

We see the group as part of DeNami's creative team. There isn't the pressure of being part of design team, though you might be featured at times. You don't need to have a blog to post pics of our projects, though you certainly can post your DeNami blog posts here. It is a perfect bridge for the DeNami stamper who is not a blogger or has an online presence.

2) "What can I post in the DeNami group?"

You can post pretty much anything DeNami related. Let's say you are vacationing and spot a DeNami display or stamp sighting, we would love to see! Or if you have a stamping club session using DeNami stamps, we want to know about it.

You can post your DeNami hauls, videos, cards, etc. that a DeNami fan would like to see.

Keep in mind that if you post in the group, you are saying that DeNami can share your pics for our excited fans to see. I might not always be able to ask in advance, so keep this in mind. Consider this flattery at its finest.

3) "Where can I join this awesome group?"

You can LIKE the DeNami page here.
You can join our creative DeNami group here.

Feel free to add any info in the comments that I might have missed or if you have any questions, leave them there for answering.

It is exciting to see this wonderful group emerge. We would love to have you.




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