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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine Candy Box

Hi Friends,

Here in WA, we have been getting some really sunny weather. Still cool, but sunny. It reminds me that winter will pass and Valentine's Day will be upon us.

I love making cards, but making treats are so fun. Personally, I am drawn to treats, gifts and any kind of DIY posts, and I suspect you like them, too.

Today I am featuring a boutique box that are filled with some chocolate. You can always choose hard candy or different chocolate than I featured. This is to just give you an idea to work with. My goal is to inspire you to make this your own.

{I am doing a Facebook Giveaway for the Boutique Boxes. Enter to win here You have until midnight tonight to enter}

Here are the supplies you will need:

E132 Small Heart Outline
E133 Small Scallop Heart
PF43 Petit Fours Hearts
PF42 Love Sentiments
CB500 Boutique Boxes
Red cardstock
PC21 White Cardstock
Versafine Onyx Black Ink Pad
Versafine Satin Red Ink Pad
Tombow Markets red and hot pink
ATG adhesive

Step 1: Stamp the Small Scallop Heart on the White cardstock using the Versafine Onyx Black ink pad. Stamp 3 or as many as you plan to make.
If you are doing a series of gifts, stamp as many as you need. It will save you time in the long run.

 Step 2: Stamp the Small Outline Heart inside the scallop heart. I get it down to where I can see the rubber die and center it. It will take some practice on scratch paper, but it is not hard. Perfection is not necessary. If you are a perfectionist, that is where a stamp positioner will come in handy.

Step 3: Stamp the PF43 Hearts in Versafine Satin Red. That will allow your sentiments to stand out more while still giving it some color. You can choose to just stop at the hearts and not add sentiments. I have shown what it looks like stamped in black for effect.

This is what it looks like stamped in black with no sentiments. The neat thing about this heart collection is it is very versatile. You don't have to use the scallop heart at all and just use the outline heart. You can also just do the petit fours hearts with sentiments, etc. Just mix and match as you please.
This can be great for weddings and anniversaries, so Valentine's Day is just a start.

Step 4: Cut out the hearts and then use an ATG adhesive gun to attach the hearts to the cardstock measured 1 5/8x4 5/8 to fit the Boutique box.

Step 5: Apply ATG tape to your finger so you can peel them onto the candy easily. That is one great use of the ATG tape, you can easily do small areas by just peeling and sticking, without using the applicator gun directly.

Step 6: Attach chocolates to the heart cutouts. Here I used Rolos, but Dove's, Reese's mini cups, and others would work.

Step 7: Take another set of cutouts, color using Tombow markers or any kind of preferred markers and attach to the top of the chocolates.

Step 8: Apple ATG adhesive to the back of the cardstock with the chocolate. This will prevent the cardstock from sliding around and keep the chocolates in place.

Step 9: Carefully put the cardstock in and position it to where you want it. Notice the flap is on top of the boutique box, this is so the flap will close at the bottom without it showing on top. Keep this in mind.

Here's just another angle.

Look how nice and tidy this looks.

Here you can see the dimension even better.

Step 10: Cut ribbon long enough to go around the box to tie a double know. It will be about 18 inches or so.
Then find the middle and add ATG adhesive to it.

Step 11: Attach the ribbon to the bottom of the box and also add more ATG adhesive to the sides of the the box so the ribbon will not slip off. 

Here is another angle

Step 12: Tie a double knot

This is what it looks like on the bottom when the adhesive is on it. The ribbon is not going to slide at all.

Step 13: Loop another strand of ribbon several times and then tie the ribbon on the box to the looped ribbon.

Step 14: Here is the finished bow.

To give a more perfect look, I attached the ATG adhesive to various parts of the ribbon so it would lay nicely. You can put it behind the tails, loops or wherever the ribbon is not behaving:)
Another good reason to use ATG. It is the fix all for so many things.

You can use this same gift idea for Saint Patrick's Day, wedding favors, party favors, bridal showers, etc. Just change to the color you want and the theme. Super easy!

Thanks for joining me. Hope you use this idea to spread lots of joy.

~ Nami


Eliana said...


Rhonda R said...

Very clever,

Kristie Goulet said...

Super cute box!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Panfile Petroschi Bianca. My mobile phone did not let me to log in any account, so, i comment as anonymous.I like your "Blog", and those stamps are so cute

Linda said...

Cute idea! I like special homemade packaging too!

Unknown said...

I think these are such a cute way to present a sweet gift!

Waving My Wand said...

Oh, this is just darling!

Alyson Esposito said...

Great valentine idea. I really like this stamp set

cghundley said...

Great look here
and wonderful
idea! Message
left on FB also!
Carla from Utah

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Super sweet project. TFS

Teresa Ciarleglio said...

So pretty! Love it!

ValByDesign, Valerie said...

Oh my goodness, so adorable!

nancy carroll said...

Adorable idea, such a fun little gift, awesome stamps. TFS,

Unknown said...

Super cute!

Jean said...

Blog! These are so cute!

Sharooq said...

Awesome work! :)

michelegeorgern said...

Awesome little gift!

Moira said...

Great giveaway-so generous!

Amy C. said...

Adorable! I love giving out treat boxes/bags! These would be put to good use!

Unknown said...

These are so cute! I would fill it with those heart candies with the cute sayings on them for Valentines Day. (Can also use M&Ms with my own saying for other occasions).

Amy Martin said...

These are so cute. Thanks for sharing them and fir the idea. (Blog)
Amy Martin Jones on FB

Amy Davis King said...

Love these candy Valentine's- so cute! I have purchase your boutique boxes before and love them for a cute and quick gift!!

LORRAINE p said...

What a great sweet treat. Love the ATG tip too.

LChippy76 said...


Kimberly said...

So super cute! Love the Valentines goodie in the boxes.

Bevie G said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these little Valentine boxes! So many cute ideas just popped into my head! Definitely adding this to Pinterest! So stinkin' cute! :)

Siobhan Burtlow said...

Super cute set! Thank you so much for this chance!

Unknown said...

Blog ... way too cute... cinnamon hearts would be good for the boxes too!

Unknown said...

Blog...way too cute!

Unknown said...


Denise Bryant said...

These are so cute! What a special treat!

Anonymous said...

What a cool take on a valentine box. Love this idea!
Patti C from COS

Deb said...

Nami, this project is simply out of this world! I love it!


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