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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Bunnies


Well, it looks like I spoke too soon yesterday. It is back to being dreary, wet and cold here in Washington. Thankfully I can count on some bright and happy colors here on the DeNami blog!

When I think of bunnies, I either think of them as being tan or pastel colors (thanks to all the Easter bunnies at the stores). I thought I would switch it up and make them bright, fun colors. After all, crafting is all about creativity! 
Did you notice the yummy twine I added to this card? If you haven't tried twine on your projects yet, I'd highly encourage you to pick some up. We have SIX great color combinations that will dress up any card. 

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Spring day. I'll see you tomorrow!


Tina M said...

Ohh I love the bright and fun bunnies! What a draling card, Paulina :)

Funny that you mentioned "crafting is all about creativity" because last night I had that conversation with my hubby when he said the butterfly I colored pink wasn't right, that butterflies are not pink. What the heck does he know {hehehe}?? ;)

Lisa Elton said...

These cheerful bright bunnies remind me of the marshmallow bunny treats for Easter. Cute Paulina ;)


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